Extra Credit:

You can receive up to 10 points extra credit for responding to a posted article on this Current Events page. If you click on DISCUSSION at the top of the page, then you can enter your response, which should be minimum 300 words (for any credit) and maximum 750 words, and it needs to explore political, economic, or historical implications of the article’s subject matter. Feel free to bring in other sources when responding, just as long as you cite your source (make sure it’s a reputable source). The responses that are most likely to receive full credit are the ones that are critical of the article’s historical and ideological perspective. Just noting that an article is biased is not a response; you must elaborate on your judgment. I will send you a message with a score after I have read your piece. One last thing: you may only respond to the updated article-that's if you want the extra credit. You are more than welcome to respond to past posted articles, but you will not get extra credit.

Article for the weeks of 8/25 - 9/5:
Naomi Klein On China's Security State

Articles for the weeks of 9/8 -9/19:
Read the first 2 articles and respond. The third article is for reference, however you may respond to that one too.
U.S. Military Role in Georgia Tricky
Venezuela-Russia Connection
Noam Chomsky's Take (and a brief history of Georgia conflict)

Articles for the weeks of 10/1 - 10/13
Read the 2 articles and respond.
Castro and the Colossus (to the North)
The Day After Fidel

Articles for the weeks of 12/1 - 12/19
Read 1 article from Project Censored. Write a one page response (half page summary, half page opinion piece). Story #12 is off limits.
Project Censored: Top 25 Stories

Article for the week of 1/12 - 1/19: Read the Economist article on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Make detailed comments (one page response). Heroic Myth and Prosaic Failure

NEW ARTICLE for extra credit for the week of 9/10/09 - 9/17/09
Read Obama's address to Congress on Health Care and the Republican response:
Obama's Health Care Speech
Republican Response to Obama's Speech

Extra Credit article for the week of 9/25 - 10/15/09
Read the Wall Street Journal Article on the Cult of the Caudillo and respond as instructed above:
Manuel Zelaya and the Cult of the Caudillo