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The Plan de Guadalupe was authored by Venustiano Carranza, Governer of Coahuila and former ally of Diaz and Madero. Venustiano Carranza was one of the main revolutionary leaders that worked to overthrow Victoriano Huerta. Published in March 1913, the Plan de Guadalupe declared Huerta was no longer recognized as president, also that Carranza would be the Cheif of the Constitutional Army and the interm president once Huerta was overthrown (Carranza). By 1914 Carranza had 40,000 men under his command and had joined forces with Pancho Villa, and Alvaro Obregon (Keen 288). The articles of the Plan de Guadalupe are as follows.

1. - General Victoriano Huerta is not recognized as President of the Republic.
2. - The Legislative and Judicial Powers of the Federation are also not recognized.
3. - The Governments of the States that still recognize the Federal Powers that form the present Administration, are also not recognized thirty days after
the publication of this Plan.
4. - For the organization of the army entrusted with fulfilling our intentions, we name as First Chief of the Army that will be denominated "Constitutionalist", the citizen Venustiano Carranza, Governor of the State of Coahuila.
5. - When the Constitutionalist Army occupies Mexico City, the citizen Venustiano Carranza, First Chief of the Army, will be in interim charge of the Executive Power, or whoever would have substituted him in command.
6.- The interim president of the republic will call for general elections as soon as the peace has been consolidated, handing over power to the citizen who is elected.
7.- The citizen acting as First Chief of the Constitutionalist Army in the states whose governments have recognized that of Huerta, will assume command as provisional governor and will call for local elections, after having taken possession of their posts the citizens having been elected to carry out the powers of the federation, as called for by the previous rule. (Carranza, LAS.org)

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